So I want to cook eggrolls. Problem is I want to use Best Friend’s recipe. Best Friend is busy entertaining family. I am on my own.

I have a general idea of how to make eggrolls plus there is a recipe on the wraps package. However, I want my eggrolls to be different.

First, I cheat and use prepackaged broccoli slaw mix. Then, I heat up a little bit of oil in my electric skillet and saute the mix with sea salt, pepper, ground ginger, splash of soy sauce and touch of plum sauce. Scoop mixture into bowl. After that, I add more oil to the skillet and prepare the eggrolls. I do this by putting a bit of mixture into the wraps and follow the directions of the package. The eggrolls are now ready to be fried. Usually, I bake them but, tonight I was adventurous. After a couple of minutes the eggrolls were ready.

I served them along side sauted red,green,and yellow bell peppers (I use sea salt and pepper for seasoning). Also, I used a stir fry veggie mix from the store…yuck. To break the veggie meal up I had apples and cheese to munch on.

That was dinner. Hubby and I liked it. The kids eat my baked eggrolls better. They didn’t eat these…hmmm.

So, what is your favorite eggroll recipe?


One response to “Eggrolls?

  1. Secret Admirer

    You could mix the slaw with an egg or three, maybe add some rice.

    Just my $0.02

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