We have a dog.

We have a dog. For those of you who know me you should be surprised. For those of you who don’t, well, it’s no big deal. You have a dog so what.



I am so anti-pet that I was upset when my husband wanted to get fish. You know why, because I would be the one taking care of them. I was proved wrong. I don’t have to take care of them and in the 2-3 years we have had them I haven’t fed them once or done anything to their tank. My husband takes care of the tank and the boys feed the fish.



Anyway, back to the dog. As I stated earlier, we have a dog. This is a big moment for me. I haven’t wanted to take care of a dog. I didn’t want a dog licking me or pooping in my yard where my children play. I didn’t want a dog in the house because if he made a mess I wouldn’t be able smell it (I have no sense of smell).



We go to my in-laws a couple of weeks ago and there’s S. A sweet Australian Shepherd sitting around the pool as my children are playing and splashing in the water. S was so sweet and gentle to everyone it was easy to pet her and talk to her. Then came the question…Do you want her? Well, yes, actually I do want her and she came home to us the next day.



Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I fell in love with S and the rest is history. She is definitely not the dog I would have picked if I were to go out and buy one. However, she is the dog for me. The children love her, even my youngest who is scared of any animal. She starts crying if an animal so much as looks at her.



The first day all youngest child would do is look at S. The second day she was helping walk the dog and would pet her. The third day she was chasing S around the house.



S seems to like living with us. We turned her into an inside dog so the air conditioner is a welcome addition to her life.



All is well. I have had a change of heart towards pets…well, with my S at least.



By the way, I love you Hotstuff!





One response to “We have a dog.

  1. Hotstuff loves you back.

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