The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Book Review

My thoughts are still going ninety to nothing after reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Book 1) by Ann Brashares. I am going to try to tame them enough to write a decent book review.


Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby have been friends since birth. Their mothers met in an aerobics class for pregnant women. They were all born in September except Lena who was born early. They have spent every summer together until now. This summer each girl will go her own way and in the process find out life is not always about them. At the beginning of the summer they were almost sixteen and girls, by the end of the summer they are still almost sixteen but have started maturing into young ladies. Each girl has had to deal with the issues life hands us such as death, divorce, and sex. Each girl had expectations of what their summer would be like, yet life interrupted their expectations and showed them what it had in store for them.


The book centers around a pair of pants that magically fits each of them. Each girl has the pants for a week and then sends them off to the next one in line. By the end of the summer they should have had the pants twice. The pants coupled with their naive expectations make for a wonderful read.


I respect how the author handled the issues of death, divorce, and sex in a subtle way. As I stated earlier, life happens and that is what happened in this book. Life happened for each of the girls. The author didn’t have to say…”Look, big topic approaching!”…it flowed with the story line just as the issues happen in everyday life.


The book comes full circle with the girls back together at the end of the summer. Each one is changed in ways they never expected. Mostly for the better. They are wiser and more mature. They all have stories to tell at some point but for now are busy trying to digest what it means to them. Their friendship is stronger and so are they.


This is definitely a book I would recommend every girl and woman read. I loved it and only wished I would have read it sooner than I did.


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