Productive Saturday and Other Ramblings with a Book Mentioned Also

Today has been a very productive Saturday. This is what I have accomplished…nothing. Absolutely nothing and I planned it that way. I take that back…I did go running this morning…but after that I did nothing.

Saturdays are my day of rest. The rest of the week is busy with children, school, household duties…everything. Sunday is church day and it doesn’t matter what you think…Sundays are not restful. Now, I enjoy my Sundays. I love going to church and corporately praising and worshiping God with my church family, however, it is not relaxing. Maybe it is more relaxing when you don’t have children to get ready for church, but I’m not there in my time of life. I am here. Sundays are not relaxing.

So my day of rest is Saturday. AAAAAHHHHH! It’s so nice and peaceful. It’s even more peaceful since the kiddos are at their grandparents and hub is asleep on the floor and dog is asleep in the kitchen. Such a rare moment of bliss. Heaven. So nice and quiet. Silence. I love it. It’s almost like taking a relaxing bubble bath…except I’m at the computer instead…although, in my head I am taking a hot, relaxing bubble bath and reading a book.

Speaking of which, the book I am reading now is Demon by Tosca Lee. Wow! I am loving this book. It is making me open my mind. For some reason, I have a view of what heaven, angels, demons, and whatnot should be…this book is challenging that. I know several people who will not open their minds to enjoy this work of fiction. That is sad because this book is truly wonderful. On the other hand, I have several friends who are patiently waiting for me to finish this so that they may read it and we can discuss it.

Enough about my musing of nothingness to do. Enough about my books. I am going to go back to nothing and enjoy every minute of it because eventually my kiddos will be home and my hub and dog will wake up.


One response to “Productive Saturday and Other Ramblings with a Book Mentioned Also

  1. You so deserve days like this!! Way to go Friend!

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