Are You on Your Period?

It’s not your business whether or not I’m on my period. Nope, it sure isn’t. As a matter of fact, I would like it very much if you didn’t know when I was menstruating. However, girls at Tri-Valley Central School in Grahamsville, NY don’t get the option of keeping their periods a secret.

According to this article Tri-Valley has banned backpacks and purses from their schools. After they did this, they realized girls needed tampons and pads handy when on they were on their periods. So girls are allowed to carry purses only when they are menstruating. A security guard called a girl out of class to ask her if she was on her period.

HELLO! HE DID WHAT? I don’t know about you but when I was 14 years old I was very insecure and sure as heck didn’t want to deal with my period. I didn’t even want to go to school if I was menstruating. My first period happened at school and was not a pleasant experience. Especially when I had to go to the nurse for supplies and had the unwanted attention that came with it.

Women menstruate. Yes that’s a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be broadcast all over for everyone to know about. I sure as heck would be upset if the only time I was allowed to carry a purse what when I was on my period. Think about the ridicule and humiliation that comes with that. How would you like the guy you’ve had a crush on since third grade to see you carrying a purse and know why you had it? How about the mean and catty girls who just love to humiliate others? Who cares that they are also in the same situation as long as they can make you miserable?

Really… this school has taken the whole “let’s protect ourselves” too far.

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2 responses to “Are You on Your Period?

  1. A guys oppnion

    Disclaimer: It is with great humility that I make these comments, because 1st) I am not a school security expert as I have never been charged with the safety of so many kids at one time. 2nd) With the exception of the occasional cancellation of a late night wrestling match with my wife, I have never experienced any difficulties involving a menstrual cycle. That being said….
    I think it’s sad that in today’s world schools have to take extreme measures to protect students. If it takes a no bag rule, so be it. However, I don’t think Tri-Valley is going about things the right way. To allow half the students to overlook the rule a quarter of the time makes the rule ineffective.
    A better solution would be to place vending machines in the bathrooms. They could sell the items girls need. This would allow the school to enforce the policy 100% of the time, while letting the girls keep their dignity.

  2. Count me in the giveaway! By the way, interesting title. ~lol~

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