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Today has been an interesting day. Since hub and I have been running fevers we stayed home from church today. It has been nice. I had forgotten how relaxing the weekend can be. Hub took a nap this morning while I played Hide-N-Seek with the kiddos.

Hide-N-Seek was fun considering there really isn’t anyplace to hide in our house. Hiding consists of putting a blanket over you and hoping nobody notices you. We don’t play for the hiding aspect of it; we play for the fun. I mean really…we once played Hide-N-Seek in the car while waiting in line at McDonald’s drive-thru…where can you hide in a 5 passenger sedan…you can’t.

This afternoon I took a nap. I wanted one but had no intentions of taking one but my body has a will of it’s own and overruled my brain. After my nap I took a bubble bath and started reading Off the Record by Elizabeth White.

While I was napping the kiddos were playing games on the computer and I’m not sure what hub was doing. I know at one point he was playing Pokemon with the kiddos.

So yes, today has been a day of rest and relaxation and I’m praying we are feeling better tomorrow.


Adventures of the Wii

Aaaahhhh a Wii. Something my boys (well, oldest son) would love to have in our home. Wait a minute…something I would love to have in our home.


Some friends of ours were in town this weekend and wanted to stop by…sure, no problem. Come to find out, they had brought their Wii with them. (Good thing we let them come over!)


It was so much fun! First, it was fun watching my oldest son and their daughter bowl (We played Wii Sports). It was even more fun watching them play tennis. My oldest went “wild”. That means instead of waiting for the ball to come to him and then swing, he kept swinging the whole time.


Next, it was hubby and my turn to play. We played tennis. I missed the first ball. I realized I can’t see the ball. I put on my glasses. I played better…I think. I was trying to play when my son shouts “Go wild Mom!”. So I went “wild”. I played much better when I went “wild”. If I tried to play the real way, I lost. If I was “wild” I won. I loved it!


Then we played baseball. I didn’t do as well. My hubby seemed to only be able to hit the ball when it was a female at bat…I don’t know what to make of that. Me, well, I didn’t play so well.


Boxing. Boxing was FUN!!! I had taken a kick boxing class and had wondered if it would help. Not really. But it was so much fun. I wanted to keep playing but I knew I had to share. Drat. This setting an example for the little ones can really be a drag at times.


Anyway, it confirmed my thinking that maybe as a family Christmas present we should try to get a Wii. Oh, and let our friends come over at any time! Thanks M and L!!!