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Word Searches

I take word searches for granted. I am fairly good at them. I seem to just effortlessly see the words I’m looking for.

So, when my son comes home with a word search for homework and needs help, I blow him off. How can you need help with a word search? You just find the words, right? It’s easy. How can you need help? I figure he wants me to do his homework so he can play his video games sooner.

Finally, I go in the kitchen and tell him how I look for words when I’m stumped.

1. Look for the first letter of the word in the first row.

2. If you see it then look at the letters around it…do you see the second letter.

3. If so, see if the third letter is also there…and so on.

4. If not, keep looking for the first letter in the next rows and repeat steps 2 – 4.

It was simple once I showed him how and we went step by step looking for several more words.

No one had ever shown him how to do a word search. He has always been expected to know how to do them. I was definitely humbled once I figured out what was wrong.

Wow! It just goes to show that sometimes it’s the simple things in life we take for granted.