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I Don’t Share Ice Cream (Unless Forced and That Hasn’t Happened…Yet)

So I’m waiting for my kiddos to go to bed so I can have the rest of the ice cream. Now my mom is visiting and I know there isn’t enough ice cream for the both of us. I’m trying to think of ways to sneak the ice cream without her finding out and without having to share if she catches me. I’m craving ice cream so it has to work somehow. So mom asks if we have a Dairy Queen here. No, but we have a Braums. So we go to Braums for a double dip peanut cluster sundae. Good. Not as good as vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup…but good. Oh…and I didn’t share…I had my own. Well, I did offer hubby some but he didn’t have any. I didn’t really want to share…I just offered in hopes he would say no. Thank you Lord that he didn’t take any of my ice cream.


Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I don’t know when my love for ice cream first started.

I do know that over the years my ice cream tastes have changed. Some have stayed the same. Such as, I don’t like ice cream sandwiches. I think the cookie part is disgusting. Yuck. I love drumsticks with nuts on top. Always have and always will. I don’t like the vanilla things on a stick that’s covered in a chocolate shell. I can tolerate them if I’m desperate, but that’s only on rare occasions. Most of the time I turn them down.

As I mentioned, my ice cream tastes have changed. As a teenager I loved Rocky Road ice cream. I’m not sure why it was my favorite considering I don’t like marshmallows. Let’s see, in my mid 20s I loved Chocolate Almond ice cream. It was my favorite until one day I was sick of it. Then, I moved to After Dinner Mint. That is until I couldn’t find it anymore. So Chocolate Chip Mint became my favorite…until I grew tired of mint. Then, at last I realized…my favorite all along was Vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup.

It has probably been my favorite all along, but I suppressed it so I could have something more exotic. Vanilla with chocolate syrup is so…boring. Boring, yes, but it brings me such enjoyment.

I savor every bite when I am eating my ice cream. It is a sacred moment for me. I don’t rush it. I want to enjoy every bite and enjoy every bite I will. I try not eat my ice cream with my family because they keep interrupting me and won’t let me relax and savor the moment. They don’t see how uplifting the moment is. They don’t have the same relationship with ice cream that I do. To them it’s nothing more than a dessert. To me it’s…mine. It’s a love affair that was started at an early age and has progressed over the years.

Ice cream is the one vice I have. Ice cream is my friend. Ice cream is my lover. Ice cream is my soul mate. Ice cream will make me fat if I don’t put it in it’s proper place. Ice cream has too much of a hold on me.

I am hoping that through this confession, the bond between ice cream and myself will lessen. We will become two instead of one. I will be able to appreciate ice cream from afar and not have to have it all the time.

I’m going to miss my ice cream. We had a good thing going…for far too long. It’s time for me to say so long. Fare well. See you again, but not too soon.