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I Don’t Want to Homeschool for Religious Reasons. (That’s not normal for this region).

I have a confession–when I think about homeschooling it isn’t for religious reasons. Not once have I researched Bible curriculum. I have looked for other curriculum–I have reading and writing covered. Science is pretty much taken care of through books at home and at the library. Grammar…check. Math…I will need to add to…mostly finding alternate ways to present the concepts being learned. I will also want more manipulatives…as we are hands-on learners.

My main reasoning for wanting to homeschool is my kiddos are having a hard time adjusting to school. One keeps getting into trouble and the other keeps daydreaming. Both are bored.

Currently they are at a Christian school but will moving them to a public school be any better?

My kiddos used to love to learn. We would make weekly trips to the library and they would head to the science section and grab tens (yes tens) of books…each. We would watercolor and make paper-maiche. We would have fun and we would learn.

Now we don’t have time. Sure we still go to the library but the books don’t all get read and the experiments aren’t being done. We don’t have time. By the time we get home from school and have a snack, it’s time for homework. That doesn’t include the non-homework that is expected to be done at home such as Bible Verse Memorization (and it’s not just one verse…it’s like 10 verses), spelling words, addition/subtraction facts for one kiddo and multiplication facts for the other. At this point kiddos are schooled-out. They both hate it. They hate going to school.

Is this what I want for my kiddos? Can I do better? Can I re-instate a love of learning? Can I make learning fun? Will I regret taking the narrow road by teaching them myself or will I keep them in school while dreaming of homeschooling and regretting I didn’t take the plunge. Do I have what it takes to teach my kiddos and be around them everysecondoftheday? Can I handle teaching them with a toddler to also keep entertained? (Although youngest loves to be involved with what we are doing).

Also, what about the teachers who took the time and spent the money to go to college and learn to teach? What am I saying when I remove my children to homeschool? Can I really do it better than them? Is it so much about doing it better or being able to provide the one on one time they need? Am I strong enough to stand up to my educator friends and family by going out of the norm?

AAAAGGGGGHHHHH! So many questions and concerns. Someday I will make a decision and I pray it is the right one.



I am constantly learning. It is my goal to find something in my day that I can learn from. It can be keeping a good attitude when my day doesn’t go as planned or it can be through something I have read.

I learn from life. Mostly, I learn from it’s tedious interruptions. I have observed that my attitude and how I look at situations is what makes a learning moment. For example, I can yell at the guy who just pulled out in front of me in traffic causing me to hit the brakes so that I don’t hit him. Or, I can also quietly be upset and realize I too have pulled out in front of someone thinking I had more time than I did or I didn’t see the other car. It’s not about me. I don’t own the roads and I can’t control what others are doing.

I learn from my children. They make me slow down. I have to enjoy them and their eccentrics or otherwise life is too difficult. I have fun through them. They make me be social. They make me come out of myself. Again, it’s not about me.

I learn from books. Aaaahhh, books. My passion is books. I have always loved reading. What I love about reading is what I can learn. I can go anywhere in books and learn about anything from books. I have to make myself learn from life and my children…with books, I can learn anything at any time.

Books are my life. Books are a part of me. I have always learned from books. It’s how I learn about other cultures, history, people’s lives, character traits, and so much more. From the reading of books, I am then able to pass what I have learned to my children. And pray that in turn, they are also picking up a love of learning from reading.

I want to pass a love of learning on to my children. I want them to see that if for a moment we pull out of our shells of selfishness, there are many opportunities for learning. There is so much we can learn if we will just take the moment to look for it.

Is it always easy? No, sometimes our most opportune learning comes through our mistakes or the mistakes of others. That’s one of the reasons I love reading so much. It allows me to observe others and their reactions without having to live it myself.

This post was written for Scribbit’s September Write-Away Contest.