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Computer Does Not Equal Quality Time

So, I made it to the airport and back. Let’s just say I had an adventure. My mom is here that’s all that counts. Only I need to get off the computer and spend some time with her. But we had a two hour car ride from the airport…doesn’t that count? Anyway, I had to get my blog fix. I needed to know what was going on with Pioneer Woman . She’s telling how she met Marlboro Man and I needed to know what was happening. (I haven’t watched a soap opera in over a decade. Give me a break. Besides this is real life!). I also needed to…well…what happened at Rocks in My Dryer? She was answering questions…well…I’m addicted to my blogs. They aren’t updated when I check my email at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. I had to check it this evening.

Besides, it’s not like my mom isn’t a part of this. She’s watching me from the couch…doesn’t that count as quality time spent together? Ok. Fine. I know…if hubby tried this he would SO be in trouble. Computer time does NOT equal quality time.

Well…I am off to spend quality time with mom.