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I am in a quandary. I feel as though my kiddos are not getting the most of their education. This is not the first time I have thought this. I have had these thoughts for several years now.

I have always encouraged my kiddos to be individuals. I have been proud when they have not conformed to what others are doing. They are their own person. I love that. However, at school that is not an option. My kiddos individuality and creativity are slowly being sucked away. At one time they loved school. Now, they hate it. They don’t want to be there.

The sad thing is…I can’t blame this on the public school system. They go to a private school. A private school that prides itself on high test scores and excellent teachers. I have yet to see the high test scores and my kiddos are behind in math compared to their public school friends. (Although, their friends are above average so I shouldn’t be comparing to them.)

I have seriously considered homeschooling them for some time. I have also struggled with yanking them out of their current school and enrolling them in the closest public school. I wonder if they would fare better there? Would the school appreciate the individual in my kiddos or would they add my kiddos loathing of school?

What am I to do? At a young age, my kiddos no longer enjoy school. I was hoping to instill a love of learning in them only to find that they are having worksheets shoved down their throats. My kiddos are bored and I feel as though there is nothing I can do.

If I put them in public school and we still have difficulties then what? Homeschool? What if I fail at homeschooling? I know there are people who homeschool and will quote tons of statistics to me. I live in a homeschooling community, but for every great homeschool success story, I know of many more that have failed. Stories where the people themselves will tell me they should have never homeschooled. How am I supposed to know what to do?

I want the best for my kiddos and right now I’m not sure what that is.