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My First Attempt at Quiche

This evening I attempted to make Quiche. I don’t know what it’s official name is but I put broccoli and ham in it. I looked up some recipes online but they seemed too difficult. I knew my mother-in-law’s quiche was good so I tried calling her…no answer. Great…what am I to do? Guess what? She showed up at my house.

Mother-in-law was in a hurry and didn’t really want to take the time to write down her recipe. She did however want to give me all the needless details about how she blanches her broccoli instead of steaming it all the way and so on. I just needed the basics and had her write them down.

This is what I had to work with:

Notice this doesn’t look like a normal recipe, it is a list of ingredients. I am supposed to figure out the rest. Normally I would be able to follow that without it being in true recipe format…today I was in a hurry. I put the broccoli and ham into the pie crust. I knew the eggs went in last so I added the cheese. I now have a pie crust filled with ham, broccoli and cheese. Looking good. I go to beat the eggs so I can pour them on top. Wait…didn’t mother-in-law say something about mixing flour with the cheese? Hmm…let me look at the recipe…oh yes, there’s the flour. No problem…I’ll just put it on top of the cheese and mix it all together. Okay…back to the eggs.

The eggs are poured in and I am now able to put the uncooked quiche in the oven…after I add the milk. Great I forgot to add the milk to the eggs before I poured them into the crust. Have you ever tried mixing milk into a full uncooked quiche? It wasn’t easy but I did get it done. Finally I can put the quiche into the oven. Some time later I realized I forgot to salt/pepper it. Oh well I tried. Hopefully it will taste good.

My first attempt at quiche ended up being a success. Everyone enjoyed it…well hub and I enjoyed it. Kiddos all of a sudden decided they hate quiche and threw a fit eating it. They finally gave in and ate all of it. Go figure!

Was it worth making it? Will I ever make quiche again? Of course I will! Next I want to try Best Friend’s mom’s recipe.



So I want to cook eggrolls. Problem is I want to use Best Friend’s recipe. Best Friend is busy entertaining family. I am on my own.

I have a general idea of how to make eggrolls plus there is a recipe on the wraps package. However, I want my eggrolls to be different.

First, I cheat and use prepackaged broccoli slaw mix. Then, I heat up a little bit of oil in my electric skillet and saute the mix with sea salt, pepper, ground ginger, splash of soy sauce and touch of plum sauce. Scoop mixture into bowl. After that, I add more oil to the skillet and prepare the eggrolls. I do this by putting a bit of mixture into the wraps and follow the directions of the package. The eggrolls are now ready to be fried. Usually, I bake them but, tonight I was adventurous. After a couple of minutes the eggrolls were ready.

I served them along side sauted red,green,and yellow bell peppers (I use sea salt and pepper for seasoning). Also, I used a stir fry veggie mix from the store…yuck. To break the veggie meal up I had apples and cheese to munch on.

That was dinner. Hubby and I liked it. The kids eat my baked eggrolls better. They didn’t eat these…hmmm.

So, what is your favorite eggroll recipe?