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BABES – My journey to lose weight begins

Yesterday I started a new weight loss program. This program isn’t like most weight loss programs because it is focused more on accountability through exercise. I have waiting for years to try this program. I was pregnant when I first heard about it and have prayed about doing it off and on since then.

The program is called BABES (Beautiful Accountable Babes Exercising Sensibility). It is a 12 week course that was started by Barb Swanson several years ago. I go to weekly meetings for weigh-in, exercise, and a short teaching on how live healthier.

I love how a group of women can get together and share secrets (weight) and then sweat together. I mean really this is a program at church and most of the time when you are at church you want to look cute. (At least I do).

So I’m excited to start BABES. I’m committed and I’m ready…until I read I only get 1200 calories to eat a day. (Three meals at 300 calories and three snacks at 100 calories). Hmmmm…let’s see…didn’t make it…I came in at 1740 calories. That’s 540 more calories than I was supposed to have. (Although, way less than I normally do).

Breakfast – egg, oj, milk = 312

snack – yogurt with grapenuts = 295

Lunch – albacore tuna, lettuce, romano cheese, almonds, bacon bits, orange pepper = 265

snack – 2 slices Amish Friendship Bread = 200 (guessing based on results of other sweet breads at calorieking.com)

Dinner – spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans = 290

snack – wine, apple, cheese = 378 WOW!

Can you believe 1 oz. cheese is 110 calories!!! I was amazed! I have blood sugar problems and have been told to eat cheese (protein) to help stabilize blood sugar. I have been racking up on the calories through cheese alone! I mean I knew my wine would probably put my snack in the higher range but I didn’t know my BEFORE BED snack was almost 400 calories. WOW! What an eye opener.

I have known to keep a food journal but haven’t really ever figured up the calories…do I have a lot to learn. I am thankful I will be learning how to get my food under control. For the most part my family eats healthy and I keep my portions under control…calories are definitely a different story…I couldn’t believe my container of yogurt and grapenuts was so high in calories.

Another thing I will have to do is get back in the habit of exercising. Last year I was walking and started running. I want to run again and actually stick with it. I loved knowing I could run…it was exhilarating. Anyone can walk but to take the courage to run is completely different especially if you are overweight.

My prayer is that my journey to lose weight will continue in a positive way…I keep my eyes on the prize…don’t lose focus…but most of all…to enjoy myself.