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What I’m reading

What I’m not reading is the last of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7). I waited so long for this book to arrive, waited for hubby to finish reading it…and now…I can’t get into it. I don’t know why. I haven’t had this happen with the other six books. Maybe it’s because it’s the last one. Maybe it’s because I will get so caught up into the book I’ll forget I have a family to take care of. Or maybe I’ll get upset at the family because can’t they see I’m reading a really good book and they should leave me alone. (They haven’t picked up on that fact yet…mom has book…leave alone).

I am reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Book 1). I’ve been wanting to read this book for years and finally bought it. I was tired of it being checked out at the library whenever I had the urge to read it. I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to sit down and try to organize my thoughts for a book review.

Book reviewing isn’t easy for me. It takes me a while to analyze why I like or dislike a book. I probably make it a lot harder than it really is. Oh well. That’s part of who I am…over analyzing for know reason.

I’m also trying to read The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down (Yada Yada Prayer Group, Book 2). I actually started this book before “The Pants” but wanted to read “The Pants” first so I set “Yada” aside. Bad me. Well, I really wanted to read “The Pants” and am a firm believer that books choose the person. The person doesn’t always choose the book.

I’m not sure what book I’ll try to read next. I have several checked out from the library. One of which is Reconstructing Natalie (Women of Faith Fiction #18). I’ve been wanting to read this book for some time and the library finally had it. We’ll see what happens…remember, the person doesn’t always choose the book.


Feature Author Page

On the first day of the month I will be posting the first chapter of an author’s latest book. September’s author of the month is Camy Tang. I highly recommend her book Sushi for One? (The Sushi Series, Book 1). After reading Chapter One, I can’t wait to get my hands on her book. Also, check out Camy’s website to enter her contest. You could win copies of her book along with other books and an 8 GB iPod Nano.

See you on the FIRST!

We have a dog.

We have a dog. For those of you who know me you should be surprised. For those of you who don’t, well, it’s no big deal. You have a dog so what.



I am so anti-pet that I was upset when my husband wanted to get fish. You know why, because I would be the one taking care of them. I was proved wrong. I don’t have to take care of them and in the 2-3 years we have had them I haven’t fed them once or done anything to their tank. My husband takes care of the tank and the boys feed the fish.



Anyway, back to the dog. As I stated earlier, we have a dog. This is a big moment for me. I haven’t wanted to take care of a dog. I didn’t want a dog licking me or pooping in my yard where my children play. I didn’t want a dog in the house because if he made a mess I wouldn’t be able smell it (I have no sense of smell).



We go to my in-laws a couple of weeks ago and there’s S. A sweet Australian Shepherd sitting around the pool as my children are playing and splashing in the water. S was so sweet and gentle to everyone it was easy to pet her and talk to her. Then came the question…Do you want her? Well, yes, actually I do want her and she came home to us the next day.



Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I fell in love with S and the rest is history. She is definitely not the dog I would have picked if I were to go out and buy one. However, she is the dog for me. The children love her, even my youngest who is scared of any animal. She starts crying if an animal so much as looks at her.



The first day all youngest child would do is look at S. The second day she was helping walk the dog and would pet her. The third day she was chasing S around the house.



S seems to like living with us. We turned her into an inside dog so the air conditioner is a welcome addition to her life.



All is well. I have had a change of heart towards pets…well, with my S at least.



By the way, I love you Hotstuff!




Women In Film

I found this on Tricia Goyer’s blog.


So I want to cook eggrolls. Problem is I want to use Best Friend’s recipe. Best Friend is busy entertaining family. I am on my own.

I have a general idea of how to make eggrolls plus there is a recipe on the wraps package. However, I want my eggrolls to be different.

First, I cheat and use prepackaged broccoli slaw mix. Then, I heat up a little bit of oil in my electric skillet and saute the mix with sea salt, pepper, ground ginger, splash of soy sauce and touch of plum sauce. Scoop mixture into bowl. After that, I add more oil to the skillet and prepare the eggrolls. I do this by putting a bit of mixture into the wraps and follow the directions of the package. The eggrolls are now ready to be fried. Usually, I bake them but, tonight I was adventurous. After a couple of minutes the eggrolls were ready.

I served them along side sauted red,green,and yellow bell peppers (I use sea salt and pepper for seasoning). Also, I used a stir fry veggie mix from the store…yuck. To break the veggie meal up I had apples and cheese to munch on.

That was dinner. Hubby and I liked it. The kids eat my baked eggrolls better. They didn’t eat these…hmmm.

So, what is your favorite eggroll recipe?

The Poisonwood Bible Book Review

In The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel (P.S.) by Barbara Kingsolver, Nathan Price is a Baptist missionary who goes to the Congo for a year. He takes with him his wife and their four daughters. The story is told from the points of view of the wife and daughters. The main portion of the book focuses on the year they were in Kilanga, Congo and how that brief time affected them.



The five women telling the story are Orleanna Price, Nathan Price’s wife. She is the force trying to hold them all together and get them through this year all the while being totally unprepared. Rachel Price is the eldest daughter. She is almost 16 when the story begins and the best I can describe her is as a beauty queen wannabe. My favorite quote comes much later in the book, but best describes Rachel. Orleanna asks Adah how Rachel is doing and the following is her response…”In spite of remarkable intervening circumstances,” I said, “if Rachel ever gets back to Bethlehem for a high school reunion she will win the prize for ‘Changed the Least.'”



Next are the twins Leah and Adah Price. Leah thinks her father is as great as God himself and Adah is the opposite. There is some guilt and resentment between the two sisters because although they are twins, Adah suffers from hemiplegia, where half her brain didn’t receive enough blood. “And so it came to pass, in the Eden of our mother’s womb, I was cannibalized by my sister.” -Adah describing her condition.



The last ‘voice’ is Ruth May, the five year old child of Orleanna and Nathan Price. This is probably my favorite voice. It is well written and interesting to read the account through the eyes of a child who doesn’t understand what is going on around her.



My favorite character is Leah Price. At the beginning of the book, all she wanted to do was be like her father. Her father was everything to her and somewhere along the way she sees her father for who he is. He is a man who makes mistakes like the rest of us. Leah learns to think for herself. She also does not turn her back on what she sees going on around her. She has a strong sense of fairness and justice and tries to use her knowledge to help the Congolese.



I enjoyed reading about the Congolese culture and way of life. I loved how Anatole, the school teacher, would explain to Leah how politics affected the inhabitants of the jungle…it didn’t. Their way of life went on the same as before, trying to survive and being content with what they had.



It mainly takes place in the Congo during the government upheaval in the 1960’s. The book intricately weaves fact with fiction making you want to know more. As the Congo is in a state of disarray each woman is forced to reach inside herself in way of survival. For example, at the beginning of the book, Orleanna is trying to take everything they may need while they are in the Congo, only to find out they have taken the wrong items. She has packed cake mixes for the girls’ birthdays except the climate has hardened the mixes and they would not be able to bake them in the wood fire oven anyway. Also, they have packed a hammer, except there aren’t any nails in the jungle. While trying to be practical, the items they took with them were useless.



The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel (P.S.) is a book about the choices we make given our circumstances, about learning the way of others and realizing that life is not always about us. It is about yielding to the jungle, a way of life completely different from America. As Rachel says towards the end of the book, “You can’t just sashay into the jungle aiming to change it all over to the Christian style, without expecting the jungle to change you right back.”

Word Searches

I take word searches for granted. I am fairly good at them. I seem to just effortlessly see the words I’m looking for.

So, when my son comes home with a word search for homework and needs help, I blow him off. How can you need help with a word search? You just find the words, right? It’s easy. How can you need help? I figure he wants me to do his homework so he can play his video games sooner.

Finally, I go in the kitchen and tell him how I look for words when I’m stumped.

1. Look for the first letter of the word in the first row.

2. If you see it then look at the letters around it…do you see the second letter.

3. If so, see if the third letter is also there…and so on.

4. If not, keep looking for the first letter in the next rows and repeat steps 2 – 4.

It was simple once I showed him how and we went step by step looking for several more words.

No one had ever shown him how to do a word search. He has always been expected to know how to do them. I was definitely humbled once I figured out what was wrong.

Wow! It just goes to show that sometimes it’s the simple things in life we take for granted.